In the Spring 2019 I started working with Mango to co-write a song called Sinking. My input was to write the guitar part and main harmony of the song. The song has now become one of their biggest favourites. I had lots of fun working with the band and it added confidence to my songwriting skills.



In 2018 I sessioned for Aspen Lourdes at a gig in Guildford. I had great fun working with her and was able to make the part my own. I was reliable and she had confidence in me. 



In November 2019 I sessioned for Chloe Stringer who asked me to perform some covers with her in a live situation. Chloe gave me the freedom to be authentic and flexible with the parts. She was very happy with my contribution to her sound.



Guitar and Music Theory Lessons

In the spring of 2020 I started teaching Guitar. I can teach various styles and I'm sensitive to learners needs and can adapt to the level of the learner. I give individually tailored lessons either online or in the clients home.

I studied at length under various theory tutors and have a good understanding of general music theory; specifically jazz theory. I write theory exercises to teach my students, which helps to grow my sound and theirs and they learn to connect to theory to their instrument. As my career progresses I'm learning to arrange for other instruments including string and horn sections. I'm an avid, transcriber; continuously improving my transcription abilities.