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Respected Insights


Nat Martin- Lecturer at The Academy of Contemporary Music | The Nat Martin Band

I have known Vincent for two years whilst he has been studying at The ACM in Guildford, Surrey and in this time I have observed that he is a dedicated, reliable and considered individual, with a friendly, down-to-earth manner. He is always very chatty and helpful and has always contributed strongly during the class lessons I have taught him in, as well as showing a dedicated approach to his studies by coming to see me for regular one-to-one tutorials. This consistency and dedication is a testament to his ethos; he has always struck me as a committed, fair individual with a good balance between humour and earnestness and I would recommend him as a very decent and trust-worthy person.

Oliver C. Barret - Downtown Roundabout

I've known Vincent for a few years now and he is one of the most professional musicians I have known. He is truly dedicated to his instrument and it shows in his work. I've had the pleasure of performing with Vincent many times and he's always punctual, engaged and creative in his musical choices. Highly recommend this guy!

Michael Goodman- Lecturer at The Academy Of Contemporary Music | Wiley | Living In a Box | The Fizz

I taught Vincent on the Degree course at The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Right off the bat, he has a great attitude to learning and developing his playing. He never shied away from his weaknesses resulting in him progressing hugely during his time at ACM. He's hard working, professional and diplomatic in dealing with people. He would be an asset to any project he's involved in.

Nejc Švajger- BQL | Pyroxene | Best Guitarist Award 2018

Vincent is a hardworking and talented guitarist who always finds his place within a musical setting- be it in a seven piece band or a trio. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a few projects where he's always been professional, organised, punctual and easy to work with. Blending his professional music skills acquired at The Academy of Contemporary Music and everlasting desire for self-improvement and learning, he will no doubt continue evolving as a player and that is something you don't encounter very often. There aren't many guys like him around, especially because on top of all his professional qualities, he's also a very lovely person to have around you. I can recommend him for any work without hesitating.